27 February 2011

My personal leg warmer... a bit squirmy though

Did you know that there are dogs that have been bred specifically to keep the owner warm? Introducing lap dogs and even sleeve dogs!

Now, Aschiuta is too big to be a sleeve dog, although the name would suit her if we thought of all the tugging going on. But could she be a lap dog?

26 February 2011

Snapping shots of the Sleeping Beauty

Today I saw a post at House of Carnivores, Argos in Repose, where you can find two nice pictures of the Greyhound Argos sleeping and a hint that there is a little sleeping doggie contest and giveaway at CowSpotDog.

I will admit, I have my camera on the table, waiting patiently for Aschiuta to fall asleep in one of her funny positions so I can snap a picture. Unfortunately for me, my camera flashes a red light while focusing the image, so the chances are my Sleeping Beauty would wake up and I'd miss the moment.

These are some of the few lucky shots that I got, showing a napping doggie. Enjoy!

21 February 2011

Hello, Mr. Dog, Ms. Dam. Table for two?

Communication is tough when you don't speak the same language as other people. But there are some non-verbal elements, which are generally understood anywhere. You can raise a hand to call the waiter, shrug your shoulders to say "I don't know" and point to something of interest with a finger (though pointing is said to be rude).

What is it pooch? Hungry? Thirsty? Why are you barking?

I find it quite hard to find a common non-verbal communication standard with my dog. This is partly because I haven't had a lot of pets in my life and also because she can get moody sometimes. Why is she tugging on my sleeve? Why is she whimpering? Is she feeling bad? Hungry? Wants to play? Misses Scorpio?

14 February 2011

Everyday is Valentine's day for Aschiuta

Happy Valentine's day! But wait, for Aschiuta, this is just a day like any other. Why is that, you ask?

365/366 Valentine's days in a year

Aschiuta will jump on us, cuddle with us, lick our faces and wag her tail (she actually wags her entire body) on any day of the week. Because, what else is Valentine's day for, if not to show some love to people and pets dear to us? For Aschiuta, every day is Valentine's day, especially when we get home after being out.

And she's not sweet and loving only to us, but to anyone who shows her some affection.

13 February 2011

A trail of rice crumbs and chicken bones

If you've read my post Time for dinner! What are we having? you know that there is a huge debate among dog owners about whether we should feed our dogs commercial food or home made dog food.
Hmm, not bad... Needs more parsley.

10 February 2011

Time for dinner! What are we having?

You must be overstuffed with the discussions and advice all over the Internet about what a dog should eat to be healthy. I'll just add my personal opinion and some useful information that I found.
Munch munch

5 February 2011

Such a cute dog! What breed is it?

I was reading blog updates today and found one about a blog hop I couldn't resist joining. It's the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop and people will post some info and pictures of their mixed-breed dog and others can guess what breeds they have in their DNA.

I've been preoccupied with finding our what breed Aschiuta is ever since she started growing and people began to ask "Such a cute dog! What breed is it?". I researched the Internet and found a very unlikely but interesting answer. I'll tell you at the end.

2 February 2011

I'm sorry, Fido doesn't like you, you gotta go

I've heard it a lot of times: "dogs are a good judge of character". I've also read and heard stories about how dogs can sense if you're a good person or not. Well, in the spirit of Penn and Teller, whom I've been watching lately, I'd like to suggest that all of this is just bullshit.

Let's start with the beginning... Why people say dogs are a good judge a character here in Romania has a lot to do with the fact that a dog's traditional "job" here is to guard the house. That means barking at strangers who might or might not want to break in and rob the house. This how they are trained and that is what they would do. There are dogs that bark as a warning, even if you're just passing in front of the fence.

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