25 November 2010

Fun with doggie - Games and Toys

Doggies are a lot like children. They like to play and have a lot of fun. Aschiuta is the perfect example for this. Ever since she was a small puppy, she has been very energetic and growing older hasn't changed that at all.


Since I said dogs love to play, I should also add that they really like toys, just like children do. A new toy is always a reason of joy. That could also mean that your dog might get bored of old toys. So, here is where you need to outsmart them: make old toys seem new again. Invent new games to be played with them or rotate toys. You will have a happy dog if you do that.

24 November 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? They can't say much, but their actions say it all.

The idea of this post: an interpretation of some of the things Aschiuta does sometimes, plus some matching lyrics. It's all for laughing purposes and I'm pretty sure none of it is true... or is it? Only the dogs know.

I am beautiful in every single way...

She passes by the mirror before going out, looking to see if her fur is ok and if the harness looks good. She smiles, "Yes, I am that pretty!"

21 November 2010

On the streets

If you live in a "wilder" neighbourhood, where stray dogs are left alone to roam the garbage and sleep under cars, you must be familiar with the image I'm about to describe.

Taxi - "Comunitaru' ( = The Stray)": this video is actually a satire directed at Romanian politicians and their obsession (at the time the video was made) with stray dogs, when the country has more pressing problems... But don't look too deep beneath the surface, enjoy the video.

17 November 2010

When the cat's away...

... the mice get separation anxiety.

This post doesn't deal with cats and mice, but with people and their pet dogs. In a past article, To chew or not to chew..., I discussed some of the chewing habits of dogs. One cause that I failed to mention then was owners leaving their dogs home alone. It is a real emotional problem for the dog, who feels abandoned and forgotten. You know how little kids cry on their first day of kindergarten "I want my mommy!"? Your dog would say the same thing when you leave it all alone.

15 November 2010

The Vet

We all go to the doctor when something's wrong with us. Some of us go just to check that nothing is wrong with us. What will a dog do when it's not feeling so well? Someone will have to take it to the vet instead.


We took our dog off the streets, so she was full of fleas and ticks and maybe internal parasites. Her fur was rare because of all the scratching. So, the second day after we adopted her, we took her to a nearby vet. After a general check-up, our doggie got herself a couple of drops on the back of her neck of a parasite repellent. She was also given a quarter of a pill for internal parasites. The amount of pill given is proportional to the dog's weight.

8 November 2010

A new home

Adopting is quite a tough stage, both for the home owners and the new resident. It takes time to get used to new surroundings and new people.
Imagine the world through your brand new pet's eyes. All the new smells and the strange places and most importantly, those big people you haven't known from your pack.

3 November 2010

Lost and found?

Is there a doggie in the house?
Once upon a time... This is how all good fairy tales begin, but the story I'm about to tell you doesn't have fairies or fire-breathing dragons, just a puppy with the cutest beggar face in the world.

So, once upon a time last summer, Scorp and I went out to town for a couple of beers. The "pub" was an improvisation with lots of plastic tables and chairs, a few TV screens and a grill bar. One of the big soccer championships was on at the time. After the match was over, most of the people went home or off to some more drinking, but we stayed a little longer for some snacks and a few games of cards.

2 November 2010

The first little post

Here I am, at the first post of my very own blog. It's as if I am standing in a new doorway, cautiously peering outside, sniffing the new air and gathering my courage to "think possibilities".

Maybe I should introduce myself. I am a curious little creature, still young enough to get "school starting" nervousness every autumn, but trying to take a leap into the real world all the same.
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